The society is open for all doctors within specialties involved in trauma and emergency surgery (all surgical fields, anesthesiology, radiology and emergency, military and disaster medicine) like; general surgeons, trauma surgeons, neurosurgeons, Intensivist doctor, orthopedic surgeon, vascular surgeon, thoracic surgeon, nose and throat surgeon, maxillofacial surgeon, emergency physician, radiologists, physiotherapist doctor and all internal medicine physician (Cardiology; Endocrinology and Metabolism; Gastroenterohepatology; General Internal Medicine; Geriatrics; Hematology, Oncology; Infectious Diseases; Nephrology; Pulmonary Disease; Rheumatology, Allergy, and Immunology). As an integral part of the work and realization in any medical institution, family doctors, nursing personnel in each service unit, as mentioned above, as an essential part of the existence of any medical unit.


Click on the button “Become a Member” on our website and fill in the membership form. Your application has to be approved by the membership committee. For more information regarding the procedure please check out our website: www.astes.org.al

Benefits of becoming a member

Annual fees

The annual membership fee is 30 € (or 3000 leks) for specialists and 20 € (or 2000 leks) for doctors under training and for non-doctors.

Reduced Registration Fee

A significantly reduced registration fee to the annual CONFERENCE of the society

Membership Diploma

A diploma confirming your individual membership (upon request)

In addition to the above-mentioned benefits, you become an active supporter of the promotion and development of Trauma and Emergency surgery in Albania. Don’t miss the chance to influence this development with your vote.

Reduced Fee

Registration for endorsed courses and meetings at a reduced fee.

Free annual subscription

Free annual subscription to the official forum of the society, the “Albanian Journal of Trauma and Emergency surgery”

The journal comprises 2 printed issues per year including regular information from the society.

Possibility to become a member of the specialist sections of the society:

Polytrauma; Chest & Visceral Trauma; Skeletal Trauma& Orthopedics & Sports Medicine; Neurosurgery; ENT &Maxillofacial& Oculist; Anesthesia-intensive Care; Chest Surgery; Acute Care Surgery; Radiology; General Surgery; Urology; Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery; Internal Diseases; Ambulatory Medical Service; Nurse Service; Scientific Research; Students & Young Doctors

To become an active ASTES member

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