We meet together, share our experience

We aim to promote interest, knowledge, and quality of care in emergency and trauma surgery. ASTES was formed in 2017; it seeks to promote best practices in providing emergency and trauma surgery and acute care surgery, from pre-hospital care through diagnosis, intervention, and intensive care to rehabilitation. This is supported by Countrywide & International collaboration, scientific research, development and delivery of training courses, and the work of the specialist sections (Polytrauma, Visceral & Chest Trauma, Skeletal Trauma & Sports Medicine, Neurosurgical, Anaesthesia – Reanimation, Acute Care Surgery, ENT & Ophthalmology & Maxillofacial, Radiology, Nurse Service, Disaster & Military Surgery…etc.) 

ASTES, the Albanian Society for Trauma and Emergency Surgery, is committed to fostering collaboration, sharing experiences, and advancing the emergency and trauma surgery field. Since its establishment in 2017, ASTES has worked diligently to promote interest, knowledge, and quality care in this critical area of medicine.

Our mission is to uphold best practices in emergency and trauma surgery, encompassing all stages of patient care, from pre-hospital intervention to rehabilitation. We strive to achieve this through:

  1. Collaboration: We facilitate collaboration among healthcare professionals both within Albania and on an international level. By fostering partnerships and knowledge sharing, we aim to enhance the quality of care provided to trauma and emergency surgery patients.
  2. Scientific Research: ASTES is dedicated to advancing scientific research in emergency and trauma surgery. Through research initiatives, we seek to improve understanding, develop innovative treatments, and enhance patient outcomes.
  3. Training and Education: We are committed to developing and delivering training courses that equip healthcare professionals with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide high-quality care in emergency and trauma settings.
  4. Specialist Sections: ASTES comprises specialist sections focusing on various aspects of trauma and emergency surgery, including polytrauma, visceral and chest trauma, skeletal trauma and sports medicine, neurosurgery, anesthesia and reanimation, acute care surgery, ENT and ophthalmology, maxillofacial surgery, radiology, nursing services, disaster, and military surgery.
  5. Annual Scientific Meeting: ASTES organizes the Albanian Congress for Trauma and Emergency Surgery (ACTES) annually, providing a platform for exchanging ideas, research findings, and best practices among professionals in the field.
  6. Bi-Annual Journal: We produce the Albanian Journal for Trauma and Emergency Surgery (AJTES) bi-annually, serving as a repository for scholarly articles, case studies, and clinical insights relevant to emergency and trauma surgery.

Additionally, ASTES offers practical support through various courses to enhance the skills and capabilities of healthcare professionals working in emergency and trauma care settings.

ASTES provides practical support through different courses (BLS & D, PhTLS, ATLS, MUSEC, DSTC…)